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Getting Into Golf

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If you’ve never before walked onto the green of a golf course, club in hand, eye on the prize, then you’re missing out. Golf is one of the most precise, satisfying sports to master, and you’ll soon enjoy getting out onto the course whenever you can. But where to start?

Well, first you’ll need some equipment! Any sport requires some form of investment, whether you’re aiming to be the next Tiger Woods, or you’re a wannabe Party Poker pro. Clubs can be somewhat expensive, but it’s definitely worth finding a beginner’s set as you’ll save some money, and won’t have to learn the differences in weight, feel and other aspects until you purchase a more advanced set.

You’ll also need somewhere to learn, and to practise. Luckily we have golf here and can offer golfers many holes on which to improve their skills. But if you live in an area where the local golf course is too expensive or even nonexistence, then a driving range is just as good for learning how to stand, tee off and will enable you to perfect your swing efficiently and enjoyably.

It’s also worth looking for some good clothes, as some golf courses have a dress code, and golfing shoes actually have studs in the bottom to give you a better sense of grip and stability, which you’ll need when teeing off with some force.

A tutor is also a good idea – it’s not easy to learn golf by yourself, and having someone show you the correct posture and techniques will get you off to a flying start when it comes to finishing under par. Most golf course clubs have links to golf teaching courses, so you’ll find that it’s actually relatively easy to track down someone who will teach you. Good luck, and enjoy your time on the course.